Courses we offer

We bring your Dreams and Demands of the future in sync!!

What do we offer?

Our programs are designed and can be customized as per your learning needs. We allow students to set their own pace while learning.

We offer more than 75 courses to choose from. Our courses can be broadly categorized into:

Elementary School Courses (K-5)

The core academic foundation of any student is built primarily during their Elementary Education. In fact, this is the crucial jump start that a learner gets which enables them to identify and in turn nurture their talents and skills. It is during this important phase of education that a learner hones his/her personality and develops those key characteristic traits which stay with them throughout their lifetime. The bridge between deriving interests in certain aspects of education is structured during the elementary phase of a learner and hence, it can be inferred that Elementary Education stands out to be the most important aspect of one’s schooling journey.

Middle School Courses (6-8)

Our middle school courses allow you to bolster your skills and make you high school ready. The Middle School comprises of grades 6-8. Middle school years are considered crucial for a child’s academic progress. It sets the base for the high school years. The transition from the middle school to the high school must be smooth for the student. This helps in achieving the desired performance. The list of subjects include: Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, World Languages (Spanish, German, French) and an extensive set of elective courses. Students can enrol anytime in our middle school program. It is worth noting that the minimum age for getting enrolled in our Middle School Program is 11 years.

High School Courses (9-12)

Our high school courses allow a student to access more than 50 courses including core subjects including Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Health and Physical Education, Advanced Placement Courses and an extensive set of electives. Our fully accredited High School Program is crafted to foster the educational experience of a high school student. It is worth noting that the minimum age required for getting enrolled for the High School Program is 13 years.