Our Pedagogy

Experience immersive learning at your doorstep

We are Accredited!

iSchool.usa, a subsidiary of International Schooling which is the 1stAdvancED accredited online high school out of USA. AdvancED is the largest accrediting agency in the world.

AdvancED accreditation means that we are thoroughly evaluated by renowned education authorities of the world. AdvancED accreditation is the highest form of accreditation for high school education.

The courses you complete will appear on your transcript just like regular schools and the diploma you earn, the American High School Diploma – a hallmark of excellence, is recognized globally.

We are 100% Online!

Our American High School Program’s curriculum is delivered completely online. We provide worldwide access to comprehensive educational resources for our students.

All you need is an internet connection.

Our Students

Students balance work, social commitments, responsibilities and education every day. We treasure our students’ unique life experiences and authenticate their educational experience by adding an authentic professional qualification to their profile.

We prepare students for the outside world by helping them gain a comprehensive skill set.

Our Team  Support ensures Success

Technical support – Available at your beck and call

Our technical support team helps our students navigate through our learning system in a more effective manner. We provide assistance with:

  • Registration Process
  • Course Selection
  • Credit Transfer
  • Credit Recovery
  • Queries regarding Payment
  • Queries regarding LMS

Academic Support

We, Coach not just Teach

Our academic support team works with students to improve academic skills and identify obstacles in their learning journey. Our academic team is trained to listen and promotes self-reflection by initiating thought-provoking discussions with students.