Online Middle School

Lay a Rock Solid Foundation for High School

Our online middle school courses allow you to bolster your skills and make you high school ready. The Middle School comprises of grades 6-8. Middle school years are considered crucial for a child’s academic progress. It sets the base for the high school years. The transition from the middle school to the high school must be smooth for the student. This helps in achieving the desired performance. The list of subjects include: Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, World Languages (Spanish, German, French) and an extensive set of elective courses. Students can enroll anytime in our middle school program. It is worth noting that the minimum age for getting enrolled in our Middle School Program is 11 years.

Being the parent of a middle school learner, you might be concerned about their grades and their social behavior. Not only the academic performance is affected, but the foundation for development of good study habits and learning objectives are set during the middle school years. The role of the teacher is equally significant. Guidance in the right direction helps students to understand their area of interest and work judiciously.
Online middle school can be challenging. This age is extremely sensitive towards adapting to immediate environment. Therefore, we at Ischool, lay emphasis on their attitude towards learning. We ensure that our students are exposed to a constructive environment which promotes their over-all personality. Our experienced teachers, at the middle school level, make informed decisions about the student’s inclination and hence advice him/her to make wise decisions during the high school.
Through personalized sessions, the teachers are able to explain the concepts to the students according to their learning styles. This, all the more, ascertains the students about their potential and learning capability. We stress on the holistic development of the students.

Here's a list of courses for the Middle School:

A Advanced Course Available