Online High School

Be future ready with a world class education

Our online high school courses allow a student to access more than 50 courses including core subjects including Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Health and Physical Education, Advanced Placement Courses and an extensive set of electives. Our fully accredited High School Program is crafted to foster the educational experience of a high school student. It is worth noting that the minimum age required for getting enrolled for the High School Program is 13 years.
High school years are fundamentally the most pivotal as students graduating from an online high school are gearing up to face the world. It is at this stage that the student starts focusing on his/her career and makes a choice of profession that he/she would want to get into. Students start developing various vocational skills, such as knowledge of information technology, drawing & painting, etc., which ensure their financial security in the global marketplace. In other words, high schools are important for future job employment.
The significance of an accredited high school diploma is not only achieving a recognized qualification but to be able to pursue higher education in prestigious colleges and universities of the world. Numerous employment opportunities require a minimum of a high school diploma as a qualification.
Our high school program provides students with immense opportunities to explore their field of interest. Our qualified teachers ensure that students complete their tasks and assignments on time in order to achieve good grades and credits.

In addition to some interesting electives, there are Advanced Placement courses where a student has the liberty to access and complete accelerated courses and earn credits that are equivalent to the 1st semester of the undergraduate level.

Here's a list of courses for the High School:

H Honors Course Available C Credit Recovery Available