Benefits of online high school for students with anxiety

Benefits of Online High School: Reducing Stress and Anxiety in Students

We all strive to be happy in life. But the state of happiness is not permanent at all times. The greatest challenge is to sustain the state of happiness with all ups and downs of life. An online high school benefits the learners in a way that they are able to cope up with their studies without burdening themselves.

Anxiety is an enemy of happiness and well-being. The fear of what’s going to come next generally takes away the joy of today. 

Children across the world are experiencing high levels of anxiety because of multiple reasons like parental pressure, peer pressure and academic burden.

As per BBC, happiness level has dipped by 0.7% worldwide, because of an increase in depression and anxiety. 13.6% of children under 16 years of age were reported as cases with mental health disorders including anxiety. 

Apart from other factors, gaps in the educational systems are also responsible for such drastic numbers of poor mental health. Therefore, a positive educational system is the need of the hour worldwide.

UNESCO’s concept of “Double Helix” and “Positive Education” can be experienced in an online high school that benefits learners ultimately:   

UNESCO has released an important document called ‘Promoting Learner Happiness and Well-Being’. It focuses on the topic of Positive Education to improve the mental health of students.

As per this document, positive education embraces the relationship between education and well-being and is defined as the ‘double helix’ of academics coupled with character and well-being.

Online education has succeeded in rooting out some of the gaps in educational systems, which were causing anxiety among students. 

Features and benefits of Online high School for Anxiety Management:

  • Personalized Time Management –Self-paced study patterns are helpful for all types of learners.
  • Seclusion from Environment that can cause Anxiety– Peer pressure and bullying is most experienced in a regular school. The isolated study environment is free from such issues.
  • Organised Individuals– Ill planned study schedules increase anxiety levels of students while independent learners often tend to be more organized and well planned.
  • Better Academic Results– Online schools or virtual high schools have flexible scheduling benefits where studies can be managed from anywhere and anytime. Therefore, attending a high school online is extremely convenient.
  • Minimum Distractions – The customized environment is helpful in minimizing distractions and yielding an enhanced learning experience.
  • More Options for Courses and Subjects– Online schools offer a huge variety of courses to students. Typically, a traditional high school has a very limited number of courses for learners. Students can acquire tailor-made education through an online course, making them happier and confident. 
  • Ample Time for Self Interest and Hobbies– Online schools ensure that students easily accommodate time to pursue their hobbies, leading to holistic development.
  • Suits All Kinds of Learners – Well researched and high-quality content satisfies the thirst for knowledge in all types of learners. Students can study at their own pace, whether fast or slow and focus according to their bent of mind with the online programs.

Life Skills and Values of children in Online High School:

Children studying in online schools tend to develop life skills automatically over a period of time. 

They become:

  • Organised
  • Self-Motivated
  • Disciplined 
  • Independent learners 
  • Responsible 

The above-mentioned values contribute in managing the anxiety levels of everyday life as well. Online high schools are a breather to students across the world in these competitive times. They have succeeded in making the learning environment learner-centric in every sense of the term. An online high school offers benefits and has the capability of accommodating every learner’s needs with ease to foster a customized learning experience! 

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