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For all those who have dropped out of school and could not complete their education, this post is an eye-opener. You have an opportunity to earn a tuition-free accredited online high school diploma now.

I am going to take you through a real-life incident which will make you understand precisely what you have to do.

It was a hectic working Saturday and fatigue had taken over my body by the day end.

My visit to ‘Everyman Espresso’ coffee shop was a much-needed break and also a great idea to feed my coffee craving.

Suddenly, I happened to see my schoolmate ‘Mark’, there. However, it came more as a shock to me than a pleasant surprise.

Because Mark was a café attendant!

A simple look at his uniform took me down the memory lane when we were at middle school.

Mark was a Maths topper. And loved helping mediocre ones like me to solve complex problems.

As we started talking, he told me the harsh times that he had been facing for the last 11 years.

His father’s insolvency made him quit school. And since then destiny had forced him to serve in menial jobs.

As I walked back down the lane, into the comforts of my cosy home. I started feeling more and more restless.

That night I could not sleep!

In the morning, I realized that I need to come out of this state and do something on the ground level to help my childhood buddy ‘Mark’.

After a quick breakfast, I started deep diving across the internet to find out what prospects high school dropouts have.

So, here I am presenting the gist of my findings with you today.

  • Most of the high paying jobs posted across ‘Classifieds’ ‘Web portals’ etc. do not fit school dropouts.
  • A High school diploma is the basic qualification for any decent job in the market.

Government Statistics:

  • National Centre for Educational Statistics, USA has reported 5.4% of the student population as school dropouts. This figure is around 2.1 billion.
  • Another report on the same platform shows 69% of youth without a high school diploma employed as a labour force for the age group of 25-34 years.
  • However, the employment percentage of the high school diploma holders and graduates went up to 78%.
  • High school graduates earned 23% more than the competitors who did not complete high school.

So, we can conclude that without a high school diploma the career graph stagnates.  

UNESCO’s take on Adult Education:

UNESCO has acknowledged the need for ‘Adult Education’ as a part of ‘a Universalization of Education’ and termed it ‘Learning without frontiers’. This means learning should go on without any barriers like age, time, and space.

Looking at all the factors it was evident that adults can earn a high school diploma.

But life is not that easy for dropouts.

Adulthood without a high school diploma is full of challenges and responsibilities.

So now the challenge was to figure out something that could gel with Mark’s ongoing lifestyle.

And I needed to find a way for Mark where he can earn a high school diploma online fast.

Best Solution for attaining quality education: Online High school

A fully virtual medium for earning a high school diploma is a blessing for non-traditional learners.

With the hectic routines of everyday life, adults can easily customize their education by deciding their study hours and pattern.

An online high school provides adequate support to its enrolled students through digital courses and interactive online high school classes. With the self –paced, high-quality education provided by online schools, adults can easily earn a high school diploma without changing their lifestyle much.

Utilization of weekends, leaves, and off duty hours is enough to realize the goal of being an online high school graduate.

The best online high schools provide a world-class learning material through its ‘Learning Management System’.

Avid learners across the world can choose their own style of learning and earn their high school diploma online fast, making way towards their educational goals.

To earn an accredited online high school diploma for adults helps in:

  • Breaking free from the jinx of menial jobs.
  • Access to better paying job markets by moving out of the ‘Blue-collar jobs’.
  • Ability to compete and survive in competition.
  • Chances of sustaining jobs during the recession workforce reduction.
  • Chance to feel pride in one’s education.
  • Better acknowledgement of the previous experience.
  • Reduced chances of underemployment.
  • Better family income and lifestyle.

So well begun was half done!


It was time to look for the best online high school

During my research, I came across the fact the there is nothing known as a “free accredited online high school”. There might be institutions selling their online courses labelling them as free ones, however, these courses lack quality and depth. Most free online high school courses are the most basic versions of an advanced course.

 Therefore, I researched about the importance of ‘Accreditation’ before enrolling in an online school.

Accreditation is the guarantee of quality standards maintained by an educational institution.

It means that an institution has met the required quality standards defined by the accrediting agency.

So, before opting for the best online high school, the status of accreditation must be checked. While doing so, I had to also keep in mind that at this point in time, Mark cannot afford to spend a lot of money on his school studies and therefore I kept searching for an extremely affordable and accredited online high school which is tuition-free.


This was it!

I invited Mark over a cup of coffee by the evening. And we discussed the probable options of the best online high schools.

And finalized a fully loaded accredited online school guaranteeing:

  • Flexibility of learning
  • Self-paced education basis the selected learning style
  • High-end resources
  • User-friendly learning management system
  • Highly educated teachers
  • Zero requirements of travelling.
  • Customized learning experience

By the evening we were sorted after dropping a request to the accredited online high school for their tuition-free diploma program and received a prompt revert from them for a virtual tour.

I am glad I could help my friend Mark in times of need.

Hope my findings lead you to better planning of your future.

All thanks to the revolutionary best online high schools!

The new face of digital education

A fantastic one size fits all approach!

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