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Offering courses and programs online for grades PreK-12, iSchool creates an engaging learning experience by integrating a relevant digital learning platform with academic talent.

Helping Learners

Credit Recovery Courses, Free Teacher Support, Free Career Counseling and Personal Counseling

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Scholarship Programs and ‘Earn and Learn’ Program for learners

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About Us

Who we Are

We are an accredited school for grades 6-12 right at your doorstep. We have a passionate team of like-minded professionals who have a united goal of making world-class education accessible to each and every household, helping young learners around the world to fortify their global presence with the American High School Diploma.
Our technical support team helps our students navigate through our learning system in a more effective manner. 
Our academic support team works with students to improve academic skills and identify obstacles in their learning journey. 
We focus on flexibility, convenience and quality content in delivering accredited high school diploma online. 

Why choose an American High School Online?

iSchool is an accredited American High School Online for Grades PreK-12. iSchool offers American curriculum online which suits the learning needs of all kinds of learners globally including accelerated, remedial and gifted learners. An accredited American High School Online has numerous benefits:

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iSchool’s diverse pool of courses prepare learners for college, work and life. iSchool prepares learners for the future by imparting 21st century skills to the learners to strive and thrive in school and beyond. iSchool offers learners the flexibility to choose single courses from more than 100 courses which will make their learning experience meaningful, engaging and challenging.

iSchool’s offers American curriculum online which emphasizes on the learner’s holistic development. iSchool’s curriculum fives learners enough flexibility to charter their academic journey. The curriculum is aligned to high academic standards and boasts of instruction materials which are rigorous, knowledge-rich and promotes effective pedagogy.

iSchool’s Academic Team stays connected with learners 24/7. iSchool’s team ensures that the learning environment is secure and interactive. Learners’ and teachers’ behavior in the online classroom is monitored by the Academic Team. iSchool supports learners through their academic journey by providing one-on-one personal and career counseling sessions to the understand abilities and interests of the learners.

iSchool is an affordable American High School Online. iSchool also provides financial aid for learners. Also, academic qualifications offered by iSchool are truly international and serves as a springboard to first-class education and makes learners absolutely fit for the job market.

iSchool offers an American High School Diploma which is accredited by Cognia, the largest and most prestigious school accreditation organization, which also serves as the common consortium of 40,000 plus accredited schools globally, in the accreditation spheres of 3 US Regional Accreditors, NCA CASI, SACS CASI & NWAC.


Our Online Middle School Program

The Right Path for Learners

iSchool’s Online Middle School Program is based on a well-balanced approach including a wide range of co-curricular activities which helps students develop life and career skills, learning and innovation skills, and information and communication technology (ICT skills) which prepares them for the 21st century.

Best instructional strategies are selected for teaching learners in the Online middle school program. Diversified teaching practices are adopted to teach an accredited and research-based curriculum. Teachers promote a positive verbal environment and teach responsible behavior to learners using well rounded content and personalized instructional strategies suited to learner’s needs.

Personalizing learning experiences and preparing learners for national as well as international market by equipping them with useful skills and international academic qualifications.


What our students say

Throughout my childhood … it was me and my mom. So, I always felt a sense of struggle, like I was desperate for attention. At iSchool, I’ve had the opportunity to express myself and I’ve been able to believe in myself. I’ve been able to manage myself well with their guidance and support.
Simon Hayley
Texas, Grade 11
Brenda just needed someone to tell her that she’s is someone who is strong enough to sail through tough times. She needed someone to guide her that she should learn what she wants to and become what she wants to become, it’s okay if she’s not like the rest. iSchool offered her what she needed the most and they made it certain that they are there for her, always.
George Barbell
Brenda’s Father
Starting learning again at 40 was quite intimidating for me. I needed support and easy to understand instruction materials. The right choice was just a click away. iSchool’s course content is interactive and animated which keeps me engaged in learning. I have enhanced my skills with iSchool’s courses. iSchool has prepared me for the future and now I can pilot the flight of life to success.
Amelia Weinstein
Grade 12
I wanted a safe school for my daughter and I wanted her to be a self-directed learner rather than spoon feeding her. iSchool worked big time for us. Now, she is aware about her interests and abilities. She understands her likes and dislikes and has become more inquisitive and curious about learning new concepts. I have seen drastic changes in her. She’s doing great and going really well with iSchool’s constant support and guidance.
Teresa Rhee
Parent of an 8th Grader

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